Social Media Marketing Tips To Better Engage With Customers

Having a fan page isn’t enough. Having alike isn’t too. Having an engaging fan page where your customers hang out together (no matter the crib or shower praises), this is what will make your social media campaign successful. For many companies, it is a new beast in the town which many giants are learning to tame. The more time companies spend on social networks the more they realize, community building isn’t about their brand or services, it’s about people and their issues which may or may not be related to you directly. Companies are expected to use social media channels as a new form of communication that is transparent to keep their customers entertained, informed, act as grievance forum, listen to their issues, offer them solutions, and more or less act as a facilitator. Below are the 5 easy basic tips to help you connect with your customers better.

1. Listen – Identify those sites which are frequented by your customers or target audience. Once you have done that, listen to what are they talking about and what do they want.


2. Decide – It will not be surprising if you see your customers have already made a community around your product/ brand or services. You need to analyze and decide for yourself if you just need to join them or start a new one wherein you can articulate your position or your messages better.

3. Introduce yourself – The first impression is not the last impression but yes it does carry a lot of weight. So start with a friendly introduction, invite your customers who are scattered in other unofficial communities. Keep it warm, nice, and encourage participation.

4. Ask – Lead from the front which means initiate discussions, the rest will follow. Ask them their issues, suggestions or ideas. Share your objective of being there, your product roadmap, and other relevant information. Keep it interesting and entertaining.

5. Stay humble– In social media, every conflict or argument is under the public glare. The one who is humble wins irrespective of who is right. Don’t surrender just put your point in a polite and respectful manner. Never ever resort to the high handed approach

Remember –
Your customers want to be happy, successful, and satisfied. So sit back and let them succeed. Your success lies in their happiness. Appreciate their presence in your community. Give them recognition even for their personal/professional achievement. Moreover, the community is where people are, it is not platforming centric. Hence don’t keep yourself restricted to a Facebook fan page or a linked group. Go where people discuss your brand or product. Follow them to lead them.

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