There are Trolls – But There Are Also Brand Ambassadors – Businesses Urged To Be Resilient When Coming Under Social Media Attack

  There are Trolls – But There Are Also Brand Ambassadors – Businesses Urged To Be Resilient When Coming Under Social Media Attack

All Aboard 2017 Business Workshop on Social Media @ Digital Hub Today 

“There is so much fake news and noise on social media that the challenge for any business is to create quality content that cuts through the noise so that you can reach your target audience” attendees at “Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation Through Social Media” heard today at a workshop being run as part of All Aboard 2017  in partnership with The Digital Hub.

Renowned digital marketing expert Wayne Denner delivered a workshop and gave useful tips on how to effectively make social media a core element in any corporate marketing strategy. 

Wayne said: 

“Use the block in social media to protect your business’ online reputation – there are guidelines and policies for using social media.  Businesses must be aware of  these and be ready to use them at times  of difficulty when your social media presence is coming under pressure and needs protection.  Yes there are trolls out there but there are also legitimate brand ambassadors who will come to your company’s rescue at times when you are under pressure.  Connect with those other business people and calmly ride out the social media storm in the more challenging times your business will hit.”

He added: 

“Businesses do not need to hire agencies for social media – businesses  themselves are best placed to develop and action their own social media.”

Areas covered in the workshop included:

* What works and what doesn’t work in Social Media in 2017?

* What is Content Marketing?

* Social Media Content that works for LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

* Creating Content that builds relationships and generates business leads

* How one piece of Content generated me 8K email sign-ups

* Five Tools which will make your Social Media life easier

* The Importance of your online reputation & why it’s your currency

* Protecting and improving your business’ online reputation

* What to do when things go wrong online

* Building trust online

Author of ‘The Student’s Guide to an Epic Online Reputation…and parents too, RepSelfie App Inventor, Educator, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer, Wayne Denner set up Ireland’s first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo! Wayne Denner has 20 years digital experience and is internationally regarded as a thought leader and influencer on online safeguarding, youth engagement online and emerging trends in today’s rapidly changing online environment.

Wayne tells his story and provides sound advice on protecting professional and organisational reputation online and using social networks, the internet and smartphones to your advantage.

All Aboard 2017 

This workshop is being run as part of All Aboard 2017, an initiative co-run by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Ireland’s higher education institutions, as a week-long (3-7 April 2017) series of national and regional events designed to build confidence in Ireland’s digital skills for learning.

Through the lens of digital skills for learning, All Aboard 2017 aims to foster closer links between Ireland’s higher education institutions and the country’s primary and secondary schools. The entire education sector – universities, institutes of technology, private colleges, further education and training colleges, adult literacy centres and every secondary and primary school in the country are a key target audience of the initiative. A business and local community programme are also offered.

About The Digital Hub

Based in the historic Liberties area of Dublin city centre, The Digital Hub is an enterprise cluster for growing technology companies. Almost 100 established businesses operate in The Digital Hub. Together these businesses employ just over 700 people. The Digital Hub is the largest cluster of digital media, technology and internet businesses in Ireland, providing a space for indigenous enterprises to scale and grow alongside major global companies and industry organisations.

The Digital Hub is committed to improving digital inclusion in Dublin 8. Since 2003 it has run and been a partner on many programmes run at The Digital Hub campus devoted to improving digital literacy amongst young and old people, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed, upskilling and job seeking. The Digital Hub’s Community Learning Initiatives provide skills, motivation and access.

The Digital Hub Development Agency is the Irish state agency that manages The Digital Hub. The Agency was established by the Irish Government under the Department of Communications, Climate Change and Environment and plays a key part in supporting the implementation of the National Digital Strategy. Further information is available at: or on Twitter: @TheDigitalHub.