These logos must be used to produce flyers, letters, information notices and press releases  and any other materials you might develop to promote your planned All Aboard 2017 event/s. All Aboard 2017 participants requiring a hi-res EPS logo for professional print purposes should contact us.


Event Organisation

All Aboard 2017 will host a wide range of event type and size. Event organisers are best placed to know their own event planning needs and approaches.  Below is a general guide to event organisation that event organisers might find useful.

Press Release Template

Below is a template to guide you on how to write your one-page press release for your All Aboard 2017 event/s.

Metro Map

A resource from the All Aboard project is the Digital Skills Metro Map. Each node or station on the map represents a different digital skill.  The map is “a visual representation of the principal idea of a framework for digital skills that will be of use across the Irish higher education sector.”