Parents & Grandparents Return to School with All Aboard 2017

All Aboard 2017 is welcoming aboard the parents and grandparents of students from Dublin-based Kishoge Community College who are set to visit the school to learn with the students on how to use the Intel Galileo Arduino board.

Students and their parents/grandparents will be challenged to wire the Arduino and use it to control a LED, before trying to send a signal via Morse code.

As part of this event,  students are being introduced to the C programming language as well as the control of electrical components from computer code. Parents, grandparents and students will also learn about electrical components, how computers can control electricity by allowing it to flow or not and how this is the basis of binary.

This event is a great opportunity for students to showcase what Kishoge is doing in coding and also exposes participants to computational thinking skills.

This event will be followed up with students in class time to further expand on the skills that they were exposed to during the day.

Spaces are limited to 30 parent/grandparents-student pairings. Tickets are available from Eventbrite at