Parents Digital Workshop Welcomes the Blocking of Sim Simi App in Ireland

All Aboard 2017 Gets Underway

Parents Digital Workshop Welcomes the Blocking of Sim Simi App in Ireland

All Aboard 2017

All Aboard 2017, a week of 300 events to build confidence in digital skills for learning began this morning (Monday 3 April 2017) with an information session on “Growing Up in The Digital World- For Parents” in partnership with The Digital Hub, Dublin at Digital Depot, Roe Lane, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8 where Wayne Denner, digital safety expert, welcomed the blocking of the Sim Simi App in Ireland. 

“I am very pleased to see that Ireland has blocked the Sim Simi App following a number of parents’ complaints about cyber bullying”, said Wayne.   

Renowned digital safety expert Wayne Denner delivered the workshop that offers useful tips on how to become “digitally wise”and bridge the so-called “digital divide” between parents and their children.

Areas covered in this practical session included the latest information on the different types of technology we use, the rapidly evolving range of digital terminology, the importance of daily structure like digital sunrise and sunset for family wellbeing as well as thinking and direction on how parents go about balancing online opportunity and benefit with risk and overexposure. One of the major areas Wayne focused on is the impact ofparents’ digital behaviour on their children’s relationship with technology.

Announcing details of its national digital skills event for parents, Dr Terry Maguire, for All Aboard 2017 said: 

“This event encourages parents to help themselves and their children develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a positive digital presence and experiences.

Children engaging in online activities, text messaging, playing games, retrieving online content or watching videos do not intuitively know how to make safe use of technology and rely on their parents’ digital “know how” to teach them the essential digital safety and awareness skills. Without these skills, our children’s digital life and learning can be limiting and potentially damaging. With almost 60% of 10 year olds engaged in social media, the need for clued-in parents to accompany their children as they grow up in the digital world is pressing. Regardless of your digital skills level, this workshop is for any parent committed to their child’s digital learning and enjoyment.”

This afternoon Wayne  will  run a workshop on “Online Reputation, Protection, Wellbeing & Employability”  for students from The Dominican College, Ballyfermot this afternoon. 

In this youth session Wayne helps students protect themselves online and become more employable.

Delivering the Online Reputation Matters Program, Wayne motivates students toprotect their Reputation. 

Wayne tells his story and provides sound advice on protecting personal reputation online and using social networks, the internet and smartphones to your advantage. 

Author of ‘The Student’s Guide to an Epic Online Reputation…and parents too, RepSelfie App Inventor, Educator, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer, Wayne Denner set up Ireland’s first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo!. Wayne Denner has 20 years digital experience and is internationally regarded as a thought leader and influencer on online safeguarding, youth engagement online and emerging trends in today’s rapidly changing online environment.

All Aboard 2017 is co-run by Ireland’s  higher education sector and The National  Forum for the Enchancement of Teaching and Learning  in Higher Education.

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