Today’s Digital Challenge: ALL ABOARD 2017 Fact-Checker Competition

Today’s Digital Challenge

ALL ABOARD 2017 Fact-Checker Competition

In partnership with the DIT Library Services

What is fake news and how can you spot it?

Today’s workshop run by the librarians at DIT will focus on how to spot fake news.

Use of misinformation for financial or political gain is not new, nor is it limited to news stories: while much rarer, academic and research articles have also on occasion been found to contain misinformation too. A 2016 study at Stanford University discovered that many students cannot readily tell the difference between paid-for content and factual news, or cannot easily identify the source of materials they read online

The speed at which misinformation of all kinds can spread in today’s connected world means that now, more than ever, it is important to have the skills to be your own factchecker. Don’t forget to enter the factchecker competition, details for which are carried below.

Answer correctly for a chance to win the new iPad Mini (4th generation)!

Entries open until midnight, Tuesday 4 April 2017

Entries are now closed, a winner will be drawn shortly!