Coming Soon… Claymation Movies at All Aboard 2017

Coming Soon… Claymation Movies at All Aboard 2017  

Students from St. Tolan’s National School, Mullingar are making Claymation Movies for All Aboard 2017.

Fifth and sixth class students from St Tolan’s  worked in groups during their literacy lessons and developed a storyboard with a setting, plot and characters.

During Art class the students went on to design a set and also made characters out of plasticine. Using the camera on the school tablets, and the android app “Video Show,” by EnjoyMobi Video Editor Studio, the children are going to make their own Claymation videos. They will photograph and compile their still shots, edit their images, and add music and their own voice-overs. When the groups are finished their Claymation movies they will learn how to save them in the appropriate format and export them to the school’s google drive. The children will be making their claymations the week of the 3rd – 7th of April.

The claymations will be on show to other classes and parents on Friday 7 April.

Well done to the teachers and students of St Tolan’s!