All Aboard is a project funded by Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning, which aims to identify the wide range of skills and knowledge that students, and all those who work in higher education, will need to feel confident and creative when learning, working and exploring the digital world.

The All Aboard project is rising to the challenge identified in the national Digital Roadmap of building our ‘digital capacity,’ not just in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of people, their skills, their levels of confidence and their ability to critique and challenge pre-conceptions.
All Aboard seeks to be a collaborative enquiry that will build on so many excellent examples of high quality research, training and cooperative projects that have gone before us or which are currently underway.

All Aboard's goals are

Digital Skills

To draft a ‘National Digital Skills Framework’  which is rich, dynamic and community-owned.

Resource Development

To develop and disseminate training materials for self-study; groupwork; integration into existing programmes, graduate attribute profiles; or to support facilitators and trainers.

 Digital Badges

To pilot and implement the use of Digital Badges as a means of recognising achievement and motivating learners and organisations.


To run a number of events at local and national levels, supporting those who want to feel empowered by appropriate and creative technology use in teaching, learning and related work.